Rouge, the first one is best! louis vuitton saks,
Both are lovely reds. Congrats! louis vuitton empreinte

know they changed the bags over the years but the Alto and Mezzo should both have a top zipper and I think at least with the later models- both had interior zippered pockets. I just bought a pre-loved Mezzo and it's pretty big!! It's a little bit big for me personally for an "everyday" bag and it's also deep --but you can still you use it for everyday. (For example, some like the GM NF or Gal louis vuitton dc

,Wow!!! That is an amazing transformation. Congrats on your "new" baby! rolex sailing,

Congratulations! Your bag is going to be totally organised and beautified :) rolex watches for men


Ebene speedy 35:) louis vuitton jackets for men

,Love them both!! Congrats!! Seeing your Alma makes me want to get one!! Ahhhhh!!! louis vuitton gucci prada,Wow, beautiful collection. I wish I have one. louis vuitton pink bag,

At first I liked pink and ivory but the mustard color is growing on me. lv thrombus

,Wow, that pm sounds like it's going to be too big for me - bummer. rolex 16013,

I want the bag Sarah Jessica Parker has been carrying!! Does anyone know the name of this bag? louis vuitton purses replica

congrats rolex as
,That is exciting! Definitely a great gift to yourself...can't wait to see pics! louis vuitton hawaii,

I would say buy it there! Even though it's a great traveling can save money, have a souvenir, AND get the tag! I absolutely love the tag...such a great little way to add something extra to your bag and always remember your trip.However....I would probably NOT take vachetta to the beach. I am just too OCD about stuff in my bags and rain drops on my handles...But if you can handle a sand mess in your new bag, I would say use it!Have fun!!! rolex not working


Congratulations! Love the colour and being so lightweight it will be a joy to travel with. lv neverfull


Awesome can't wait to see it! louis vuitton outlet store locations


yay! we are bag twins! congrats!! Its such a lovely bag - and a great statement wherever you go!! m40261


^^ There is some stiffness in empriente and the feel is not as "natural" as mahina so maybe that is how the plastic description came about. To me, mahina feels luxurious while empriente feels durable and thick.Different leather characteristics allows for different design. Mahina leather will not work on an artsy or inspiree style without the bags looking floppy. Likewise, the classic mahina L will look odd if made of empriente. lv evidence sunglasses

,I would have been in such shock someone I didn't know was touching/grabbing my bag, and I wouldn't have heard what they were saying. lv house seats,Absolutely Love this bag! Congratulations!! louis vuitton usa outlet,

Please keep the drama OFF the thread, thanks! louis vuitton outlet stores

I love the small agendas. I love the fact that they come in all colours and styles and can be used as a wallet for times I carry a small purse. lv fc
,if you dont use them all it might b too many but if ur someone who likes switching out your slgs and can afford it, why not? lv united,

Bad influence!! I'm now considering both bags but will likely only leave with one...I have serious guilt issues (and I can't justify both bags to the bf!). louis vuitton ebay


Congrats! louis vuitton house

,absolutly beautiful!! wanted to get it in rouge.. but dont seem to be able to find it everywhere.. louis vuitton discount,i would probably pass on this bag rolex zurich,

I took it back today and felt fairly good about it. Sounds like a few people take it back since the top is open (rather than money woes, although that might not be the usual fess-up). I wish LV would make more vernis shoulder bags. m93684


Delightful GM gets my vote louis vuitton damier graphite

,I lvoe it!! louis vuitton ms,

Haha I'll take it off anyway, i'm not a good teaser. Brooklyn MM Now i got a Brooklyn GM as special order in damier graphite, a Bass MM in monogram and a Brooklyn MM in damier ebene. Now i got to wait for any new man bags i might like,hoping for good ones this year! m95613

,what about a zippy coin purse. no picture window, but its small and cute! m95870h,

Hope you're alright! louis vuitton alma bag

,im here! rolex white gold day date,i wanna see!!! rolex yachtmaster ii price,

art of the reason that Chanel is considered "better" is because it is more expensive (and like everyone else has been stating people automatically tend to assume that expensive items=better). There was a study that showed that the more brands marked UP their prices the MORE people bought it. Isnt that crazy? I think people just like the idea of having something that not alot of people have/can afford.For me louis vuitton bag


Congrats the initials too. louis vuitton san diego

I got the compact zippy wallet and its perfect. I found the full size zippy too big for me. I got off of Sometimes they have it, sometimes they dont. louis vuitton australia
,Epi Electric Prune. I think it such a beautiful and versatile colour. rolex euro price list,Totally for me.The vachetta bottom on the Mezzo would drive me bonkers, does it have feet?The pockets on the Totally are great, it's super roomy and sturdy enough to carry a fair bit of weight without it feeling heavy. I love mine, it's held up well and I use it ALOT! louis vuitton email,.

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